About Green Deal

What is the Green deal?

From 1st October 2012 the Government is going to launch the Green Deal Plan. The Green Deal Plan is a new innovative and cost effective saving scheme that allows you to start saving money. It will enable home owners to add energy efficient products to their property up to the value of around £10,000 at NO upfront cost to you.

Some of these energy efficient measures could possibly be loft insulation, floor insulation, cavity wall insulation, solar panels, boiler, lighting. There is a number of other different measures available.

Step 1 would be: A Green Deal Advisor will visit your property and perform a Green Deal Assessment to see what improvements/measures your property would gain from. From this assessment it would also ensure that the property can gain from the Green Deal Plan.

A Green Deal Advisor will play a vital role in the Green Deal Scheme. From using the Green Deal assessment of your property the Green Deal Advisor will produce your Green Deal Plan tailored to your property’s needs.

Step 2 would be: Green Deal Provider to enable you to get your Green Deal package in place.

Step 3 would be: Green Deal Installers to start installing your new improvements on your property at a time that suits you.

Green Deal Energy Solution can support you in choosing Green Deal Providers and Green Deal Installers or you can choose your own.

A Green Deal Advisor has to assess the property to ensure it meets the Green Deal’s “Golden Rule“. Your Green Deal Provider pays your Green Deal Installer directly from your Green Deal finance.

See more about the Green Deal’s Golden Rule, on page 8.

The Green Deal Finance is not like a personal loan – it will be paid back by the savings made on the energy bills by having better insulated property: a Pay-As-You-Save loan scheme. Pay back can be up to 25 years. You pay as you save. If you move away from the property the Green Deal finance stays with the property, after all, the new occupier will gain from lower energy bills.